Types Of Paints

Ideas for the use of chalk aerosol paint

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Now it's fashionable to meet mother and baby from the hospital in a big way, to celebrate a hen / stag party, to ride around the city on a limousine in honor of a wedding or birthday. At the same time, it is possible to decorate the car beautifully, originally and unforgettably. Cretaceous aerosol paint will help. Such a means, easily washed off with water, is convenient and simple to use.

  • Characteristics of colorant
  • Features of use
  • Events
  • Advertising design
  • Street racing
  • Drawings
  • Festivals and holidays

Characteristics of colorant

Aerosol chalk has the following characteristics:

  1. 100% natural and ecological product made on the basis of chalk.
  2. Easily removable by ordinary water.
  3. Not afraid of cold or frost. It can not be used only at temperatures below 24 degrees Celsius.
  4. Flameproof, non-flammable and non-flammable.
  5. Has more than ten shades, among which there is a paint of neon and matte colors, very saturated, bright.
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  7. Does not have a limit on the surface( until the car is washed or it does not pour a good rain).
  8. Can be used on any surfaces, including body, hair, clothing.

Features of the application

Cretaceous paint, washable with water, appeared on the market relatively recently, but it has already become popular. Used this paint mainly for the following purposes:

  • when decorating cars for various celebrations;
  • for painting shop windows;
  • in street racing;
  • in the drawings;
  • at the festival of colors;
  • on a children's birthday.

Solemn events

Any holiday can become unforgettable, if you competently approach its design. Originally, the car, painted with the help of flushing aerosol paints, will look unusual:

  1. Wedding. The main car with newlyweds can be painted with the names of newlyweds, the date of their celebration, various wedding attributes( hearts, angels, swans). Guest machines instead of traditional ribbons can be painted with stripes in wedding color, making various inscriptions. All the drawings or inscriptions can be performed by hand or with the help of special stencils, also you can contact the professionals who will help to paint the car.
  2. Bachelorette party. The bride before the wedding often collects the best girlfriends to have a good time. Painted or painted in the theme of the holiday limousine will be remembered not only the culprit of the celebration and its guests, but also to the inhabitants of the city.
  3. Birthday. Original congratulations on this holiday can be a friend or colleague, coloring his car with colored paints. The main thing is to immediately explain that they are easily washed off with water, so as not to spoil the birthday person mood.
  4. Extract from the hospital. The newly mum will appreciate the car painted by the happy father with joyful inscriptions that he had a son / daughter. In addition, images of the baby, bonnets, sliders and many other things associated with the birth of a new person can be painted.
  5. National holidays. On the eve of various national holidays, you can paint a car in the appropriate subject. For example, by May 9, you can draw a Soviet flag, write words of gratitude to veterans;on March 8 or February 23, you can draw on the car themed images of these holidays, write congratulatory words.

Advertising design

Chalk-based aerosol paint is ideal for decorating shop windows, it is much easier to clean the display window of the paint than from a sticker:

  1. Auto dealers often place advertising or various actions on new cars with the help of washable colors: and the car does not spoil, and attracts bright inscriptions of potential consumers.
  2. Shop owners use such colors to place various stocks, profitable offers in the window, and also decorate the show-windows on the eve of a holiday, creating a festive mood for both buyers and sellers.

Street racing

For street racing, chalk paint is simply indispensable, because a member of street racing wants something to stand out against the background of other cars, to be remembered by the audience.

Aerography is not everyone can afford, and with the help of water washed away with water you can create beautiful, bright pictures on the car.


Using such a paint, you can play a best friend or girlfriend by painting or decorating his car. Inscriptions can be very different, but it is better to choose benevolent, positive phrases, because on this car the car owner still ride.

Well for the rally such words and phrases as "smile", "good day", "even roads" are good, besides, you can write declarations of love, paint the car with kisses or hearts.

Festivals and holidays

The festival of colors, which usually takes place in summer in park areas, has become very popular. In order not to get lost at the festival among other participants, you can decorate your body, hair with chalky paint, which is absolutely harmless, easily cleaned with water.

This paint can also be used on children's holidays, for example, in various contests or to create funny faces, or you can give a car as a canvas to the guys, from the embellishment of which impressions and positive emotions will not be found.

Thus, it is beautiful, original, unusually decorate the car for a holiday or for street racing, a shop window, you can play a friend using aerosol paint. It is made on the basis of chalk, absolutely safe for humans and things, completely cleaned with ordinary water.

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