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Rental-Power equipment rental: a profitable solution


  • 1 Why is it profitable to rent equipment
  • 2 What equipment can be rented
  • 3 Benefits of cooperation with Rental Power

Rental Power specialists (go to site) tell how profitable it is to rent equipment without overpayments and unnecessary expenses. Councils for the selection of power plants, construction and heating devices.

Why is it profitable to rent equipment

To buy a power plant or compressor, you need to have an impressive budget: not only for the purchase, but also for maintenance, replacement of spare parts and storage of the device.

Rental-Power equipment rental: a profitable solution

If we are talking about long-term and constant use of equipment (3-5 years) without long downtime, the purchase will pay off. For shorter-term purposes, equipment rental will be much more profitable.

The advantages of renting are obvious:

  1. You pay exactly for the capacity that will be used for a certain period of time.
  2. Save time on maintenance, delivery, and loading of the unit on site. All these services are provided by the landlord.
  3. You use quality equipment from trusted manufacturers. The purchase of such devices can cost from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
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  4. Warranty and maintenance costs are already included in the rental. You do not need to worry about malfunctions and device resource.
  5. Flexibility. Technical consultants will help you select the required power and equipment configuration for your tasks. There is no need to overpay for equipment with a much larger power reserve, because you can always quickly change the unit for rent when the scale of the business changes.

What equipment can be rented

Rental Power offers electrical equipment rental services in Kiev and Odessa. You can rent for a period of 1 day or more:

  • Gasoline and diesel generators.
  • Mini gas station.
  • Heaters.
  • Diesel compressors.
  • Vibratory plates.
  • Electrical panels.
  • Power cables and cable ducts.
  • Canisters.
  • Fences.

The rental price will depend on the rental period: the longer the rental period, the cheaper the equipment rental will cost per day.

Benefits of cooperation with Rental Power

The service is built in such a way that the client gets the maximum benefit and the minimum of headaches:

  • Rent with delivery and loading to the object. Delivery of equipment in Kiev, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine.
  • Selection of equipment and consultations. Experts will select suitable devices for you and advise on all technical issues.
  • Fair prices with no hidden fees. The rental price already includes the costs of maintenance and warranty repairs. Shipping costs depend on the destination.
  • Connection and maintenance on site. The customer does not need to worry about the smooth operation of the devices. All the troubles of setting up and refueling are taken care of by Rental Power employees.
  • Convenient and fast service. Signing a contract in the office or directly at the site upon delivery. Dispatch of equipment on the day of order.
  • Cash payment, bank transfer (including VAT). Clients can be both individuals and legal entities.
  • The support service works around the clock and seven days a week. At any time, you can get advice on the operation of equipment and call a specialist to the facility.

You can get a free consultation on the selection of equipment for rent and place an application on the website

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