Modern covers for upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is an indispensable attribute of bedrooms, living rooms and offices, so over time, dirt, dust and other debris can accumulate on the upholstery. protect products will help sofa covers, which can be purchased in specialized online stores.

Modern covers for upholstered furniture

Cases: popular styles and varieties

Ready-made accessories for protecting furniture are presented in a wide range. You can choose a model depending on the size and characteristics of the sofa / chair. However, in the variety of options, you can simply get lost, and in order not to be mistaken, it is enough to focus on the main types of products:

  • avant-garde. Suitable for constructions of original and non-standard shapes and sizes. For the manufacture of such goods, a wide variety of canvases with drawings and prints are usually used;
  • in the English style. These models are designed for sofas of various styles. They completely cover the products, at the same time repeating all their contours. With this in mind, often English models are made to order;
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  • in country style. Simple free-cut options are created from simple canvases in natural colors or popular colors;
  • loft. Models made in “urban” style. Created from non-marking canvases that do not need special care and are ideal for busy people;
  • high-tech models are suitable for modern furniture products. Simple and plain fabrics without prints and patterns are often used for sewing;
  • sheker. In this case, the fabrics resemble a country style, therefore, sheker-style products are distinguished by the presence of a strip or a check.
Modern covers for upholstered furniture

Tips for choosing quality covers

To choose quality products, it is enough to pay attention to the details. Manufacturers have significantly expanded the range of products, so today in the assortment you can find products on:

  • strings. In appearance, they resemble a blanket or an ordinary bedspread. They are sewn from non-elastic fabrics, therefore they are suitable exclusively for sofas of standard parameters. In addition, they can be used for beds without armrests. But despite some inconveniences, they look very aesthetically pleasing and presentable. The pluses include a variety of models made of velvet, silk or cotton;
  • stretch. They are considered the most popular. They are incredibly comfortable to use due to the presence of special elastic bands. With their help, you can stretch the product on any sofa / bed / chair. In addition, they allow you to completely wrap the bed and create the look of "native" upholstery. The advantages include versatility. You can use such products for designs of standard and non-standard shapes and sizes;
  • with a skirt. They are distinguished by the presence of loose and slightly flared fabric at the base. In a way, they serve as a beautiful decor that will successfully fit into the design of any bedroom or hall.

In fact, products in this category are properly processed linen, so the main focus should be on the fabric. The service life and performance characteristics of the selected model depend on it. Now the assortment of online stores includes more expensive goods made from natural and budget goods made from artificial fabrics. Cotton is distinguished among the most popular. The breathable web has many benefits. Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and hygienic material does not fade or degrade when exposed to moisture. In addition, it is ideal for children and bedrooms.

But don't neglect the more affordable options. Products made of polyester or velor are also worthy of your attention. The canvases are distinguished by excellent performance properties and a presentable appearance.

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