Work With Primers

Do I need to primed the floor before laying linoleum?

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If you want to lay linoleum qualitatively, then it's worth sticking to a few simple but very important requirements:

  • Why ground the concrete floor
  • priming technology What is required for priming a concrete floor before laying linoleum?
  • the floor should be smooth, peeled from the protruding parts, do not have depressions;
  • the surface of the floor must be dust-free before laying the linoleum by applying a primer, before that it must be cleaned of debris and cleaned of debris;
  • , depending on the substrate( concrete floor, wooden or pre-laid OSB), strengthening impregnation may be required.
Before laying linoleum it is necessary to primer the floor

Why primed the concrete floor

Often, in a hurry, home masters lay linoleum on an unprepared concrete floor, forgetting to wash it from dirt and apply soil. This results in the fact that after the floor has been used, sooner or later it will be necessary to remove the coating and treat it with soil. Why is this necessary? Regular loads, friction of the concrete base, temperature drops, high humidity destroy concrete. In this case:

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  1. Cracks and chips - this is especially often observed when using leveling compounds, leveling, which simply peel and chip after pressure on weak areas. Thus, visually perceptible pits are knocked out, there are hillocks and even an unpleasant crunch of concrete crumbs under the linoleum. Primer strengthens the upper concrete layers, protects it from cracking.
  2. The appearance of a large amount of dust - before laying linoleum floor necessarily need to be washed from construction debris, dust, sand. However, after this, immediately applied primer, which dusted the top layer of concrete. The result is a surface ready for laying linoleum. If you skip this step, wash the concrete, but do not fill the soil, the dust will start to form and penetrate the room from the ends of the linoleum laid.

Thus, the primer creates a very thin protective layer on the concrete surface and improves the adhesion of the linoleum to the glue that can be applied. This coating is durable enough, it does not rub off, after drying it is difficult to clean, as it adheres securely to the surface.

Priming concrete before laying linoleum will protect it from subsequent possible problems

In concrete there are micropores in which moisture can accumulate, which will result in fungus and mold development. By itself, linoleum is easy to clean, it does not leak water, because it is a whole hydrophobic coating, but moisture can appear under the linoleum. There are many such reasons: damage to the entire sheet of floor covering, underflooding, condensation of moisture, penetration of it through the pores in the concrete. The application of the soil covers most of the pores, which eliminates the prolonged exposure to moisture under the entire coating layer.

Priming technology

Before starting work, you must select the composition to be processed.

Types of primer for linoleum flooring:

  1. Water( water-soluble) is the most popular kind of primer, it is used not only for floors, but also for ceilings, walls, other surfaces. It is inexpensive, quickly dries, perfectly copes with the tasks, does not have a pungent odor. Of the shortcomings can be called only a shallow penetration into the concrete, but it is enough to work on a high-quality base.
  2. Organic soil - has a large penetration depth, is applied on the rough floor, the strength of the surface is greatly increased. This compound is ideal for loose substrates, if you want to save and do not use re-fill. Disadvantages: high cost, lean assortment, the composition is very whimsical in technology and terms of use.
  3. Polyurethane primer - is used in places with increased operational load. It improves durability, it is ideal for industrial linoleum. Disadvantages: high cost, such a primer can not be a guarantee of the absence of cracks and chips in the future.
Use a polyurethane primer in areas of increased wear

What is required for priming a concrete floor before laying linoleum?

If you have chosen a primer, it's up to you to prepare the tool and start the surface treatment. You will need two types of brushes: large for processing areas, small for processing corners, joints, abutments. Also prepare the container. It should be clean, a 2 to 8 liter capacity, easy to use.

Many masters instead of a brush are more convenient to work with a roller, it guarantees a uniform application of the composition and speeds up the work. Sandpaper or spatula for removing bulges or imperfections of embedded concrete. Broom and scoop for cleaning the surface before starting work.

If you purchased a dry mix in dry form, it will need to be prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Your main task is to evenly spread the primer so that there are no places without protection with a primer or puddles. Particular attention should be paid to the corners, the place along the perimeter of the room.

If you use glue, it is important that these places are reliably fixed. For this, before laying linoleum, adhesion is increased by the soil.

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