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Properties, applications and features of applying an anti-gravel paint

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Small pebbles flying out from under the wheels of the car - a real pain motorist, because it is because of them there are scratches on the paint. Given the state of domestic roads, such troubles often occur. In the future, even small scratches can cause corrosion. To protect your "swallow" from abrasions, you should use an anti-gravel coating that will keep the car its luxurious appearance.

  • Product features
  • What are the
  • formulations For professional use
  • How to spray

Product features

The anti-graff paint has a number of unique features. Such products are significantly different from other varnish-and-paint products for cars. If you will process this machine for the first time, be sure to familiarize yourself with its basic characteristics.

First of all, this is a high level of adhesion to most types of coatings. This is what ensures the versatility of the compounds, allowing to apply a layer of anti-graffiti to any areas that need protection. This surface can be painted with any surface, without worrying about serious preliminary surface treatment. It is enough to walk on it with sandpaper and apply a coat of primer.

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Treatment with anti-friction creates a barrier layer that can be compared to hard rubber. The surface becomes elastic, shock absorption of small stones and other debris is provided. Therefore, it is better not to save on the acquisition of such protection. Optimum density of the layer allows to produce color. The special compound gives good adhesion to any bases, besides with its help it is possible to repair small cracks and chips. The layer after drying is removed only by a mechanical method.

Another advantage: colorless anti-gravel does not distort the original color of the body and also provides the car with an anti-noise effect, that is, the sound of the pounding stones will soften. The group of compounds considered in this article dries quickly, in natural conditions, and after an hour gaining sufficient strength to make the machine more resistant to damage. By painting with anti-grab, you can melt the material, leveling the effect of unfavorable factors, due to which the life of the machine will increase significantly.

Products are produced in cans. Antigrazny aerosol is easy to apply, so you can easily do the surface treatment yourself, without using special equipment and any additional devices. The spray helps to create a uniform coating without streaks and stains, and it also turns out to be much more economical than using a roller or brush.

What are the compositions of

When choosing a transparent anti-gravel, you should consider its varieties. Unites them almost the same composition, based on acrylic with the addition of rubber, which gives the most necessary elasticity. Increase the strength and durability of the protective layer will help modifying additives. There are other distinctive features, depending on the application, which will affect your choice:

  1. There is a textured and smooth coating. For example, an anti-grab with a shagreen effect will create a feeling of the leather surface and at the same time ensure a better safety of the car.
  2. The modern market offers a good selection of auto cosmetics, so you can choose between a matt and glossy option.
  3. When planning to coat the surface treated by other compounds, make a choice in favor of anti-grazing under painting.
  4. There are separate options for the body, bottom, plastic, etc. There are also universal options.
  5. Choose a color scheme. You can buy white anti-gravel, black, gray. This is a good option, if you want the shade to be as close to the color of the car. Anti-gravel gray, as well as other colors, can be painted on top with paint from a spray can.

For professional use

If sprays are considered an option for "home" use, then professionals use a special gun nozzle for anti-grab. Applying it more difficult, you need not only a special device, but also a special skill. The main problem of antigravity under the gun - it is either too thick and does not want to be sprayed, or too liquid. Each gun needs to get used, so it's not advisable to buy it for home use.

How to apply the spray

Proper application does not require any special knowledge and complex preparation, it is enough to treat the surface of the car as well as before painting. All rusty areas are cleaned, processed by a rust converter. If necessary, they are well shpaklyuyut and primed, after removing the old paint. On the glossy coating composition is not applied, so the lacquer is matted with sandpaper. Glue the adhesive tape along the edges of the application to see where to glue, and where not.

To properly apply anti-gravel, cover the thresholds from the inside with scotch, otherwise the spray can get to where it should not. The bottom of the rear wing should also be glued. Now close the doors, and put a tape on them. Now you can surface the surface with sandpaper. Choose a sheet is more dirty, anti-gravel will soften everything. Now you should treat the machine with a degreaser, and you can apply the product.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits from anti-grab, and it will not be difficult to use them. The composition will help to keep the beautiful look of your car and protect it from corrosion. The main thing is to choose the right option and apply it correctly.

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