Types Of Paints

Features of the use of graphite paint

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Graphite paint, used as a coating for walls, has become popular with the light hand of interior designers. It allows you to make any, even the most unsightly thing, a bright element. With the help of this type of paint, you can give objects the effect of school boards and give them additional properties and functions.

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  • Advantages of
  • How to prepare paint yourself
  • How to cover


Graphite coating can be used in almost all rooms of an apartment or house. Thanks to him, it becomes possible to apply drawings to walls and even furniture, leave notes and reminders in the most visible place, draw funny cartoons or rebuses.

The paint is easy to lay on concrete walls, as well as on wood, plastic and metal surfaces. It perfectly copes with high humidity and temperature change, so it can be used in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Children's

  1. .In this room, this coating is used most often. Sputtering graphite paint on one of the surfaces( walls, furniture) will create the effect of school boards on them. The child will be able to draw or write here. At the same time, the wallpaper will remain clean. The coating can be either black or any other color. This feature makes it possible to use it in any style and design of the interior.
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  2. Bedroom. Here, this paint is used less often. As an option - spraying on the head of the bed. Helps to make the interior unusual, gives it a note of individuality.
  3. Office. Ideal room for creating a graphite coating. Due to him, there is no need to use a large amount of paper for notes and notes.
  4. Kitchen or dining room. Spraying graphite paint on one of the surfaces - a good replacement for magnets and stickers on the refrigerator, endless notebooks with recipes or shopping lists. School boards can be equipped on the walls or facades of furniture.
  5. Entrance hall. If you apply graphite paint on a part of the wall at the entrance doors, you can leave messages addressed to family members.
  6. Bathroom. The use of such a coating in the bathroom is considered a bold decision. It is desirable that the walls with graphite paint do not have direct contact with water, which will simply wash off the records and drawings.
  7. Decor elements and accessories. You can mark flower pots or, for example, cups and plates. Everything depends only on imagination and desire.

Advantages of

This interesting design solution has many advantages:

  1. The possibility of creating a unique design. Each element will look individual and unusual.
  2. On a graphite-coated surface, you can paint and write using chalk. For example, on such peculiar school boards you can write down recipes.
  3. Fans of drawing can create real pictures in their apartment. A pleasant feature - they can be changed at least every day.
  4. Children can not limit their imagination and draw on walls or furniture that are painted with graphite paint.
  5. The paint is easy to apply to any surface, no matter what material it is made from. This is concrete, and plaster, and wood, and metal, and plastic.
  6. Good moisture and heat resistance.
  7. High strength.
  8. Environmentally friendly. The paint is made on the basis of water and therefore does not have a harmful effect on humans.
  9. Easy to clean. It is enough to wash it with a damp cloth.

How to prepare the paint yourself

In order to prepare graphite paint at home, you will need:

  • material for rubbing joints;
  • acrylic paint;
  • container in which you can mix ingredients;
  • tool with which the paint will be applied to the surface( brush, roller and so on);
  • tool for mixing components( usually a construction mixer).

It is necessary to mix dry material for grouting and acrylic paint in the proportion of 1/5 teaspoon to 1, respectively.

If you take a glass of paint, grout requires about 2 teaspoons. Using a mixer, bring the mixture to a homogeneous consistency.

How to cover

To begin with, you need to prepare a working surface. If, for example, the walls are not painted, they simply need to be cleaned of dust and dirt, level with putty, sand and coat with a primer( acrylic).If the surface has previously been painted, it should be washed with water with a gentle cleanser and dried. After polishing and leveling. If necessary - primed.

Before starting work, the prepared paint should be stirred well. If it is very thick, you can dilute it with water. To work, you need a roller with a short pile, a brush for painting or a sprayer. The coating should consist of two layers. It is important that the temperature in the room is not lower than 8 degrees, and humidity - no more than 80%.

The complete drying time is 36 hours. Between the application of the layers should take at least 3 hours. The final properties( hardness and resistance) the coating acquires a month after painting. Do not use detergents for cleaning it. It is easy enough to wipe with a damp sponge or a soft cloth. After a month, you can use neutral household chemical products. For particularly strong contaminants, an alkaline detergent is suitable. After cleaning, clean the surface with clean water.

The paint with graphite effect allows to realize even the most daring and unusual design ideas. The interior created with its help will be unique and unique.

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