Types Of Paints

Paint with a slate effect

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Lovers of new creative ideas for interior design of various rooms have already appreciated slate paint. Previously, it was used only to cover the school board, but now it is successfully used in the interior of the kitchen, nursery and even put on furniture.

  • Application areas
  • Coverage advantages
  • Self-made
  • Rules of operation

The walls covered with such a dark gray paint look unusual, they can be painted or painted with chalk. And if you apply a layer of magnetic primer under the coating from the lead, then such a magnetic slate board is suitable not only for writing - it will easily hold magnets or small metal objects.

This option is most suitable for children - kids will be happy to draw, glue toys to it, and first-timers use to solve school problems. The magnetic-slate surface in the kitchen will allow the hostess to quickly record the culinary recipe on the television or leave instructions for dinner in the fridge.

This design can be done not only in the kitchen or in the nursery, it will look good in the corridor, the office and near the fixed telephone.

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Application areas

Magnetic slate or plain slate can be applied to any substrate:

  • plastered walls;
  • drywall;
  • wood boards and boards;
  • brick;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • ceramic surface.

The main thing is to take into account that the paint does not tolerate low temperatures, it is suitable only for interior finishing works. It is widely used:

  • for walls in offices;
  • in the interior of the cafe;
  • in school classes.

coating advantages Such paints have a lot of advantages:

  • is very hard, durable, almost without gloss;
  • have a strong adhesion to any substrate;
  • are abrasion resistant;
  • are available in green or black, but you can use colors to give the desired shade and make any color;
  • does not emit toxins and is fireproof;
  • perfectly fit into any interior;
  • all inscriptions on such walls are easily removed with soap and water.

Any construction shop will provide a wide range of magnetic slate or simply slate paints. You can choose your favorite or make it yourself, with your own hands.


With your own hands to make a magnetic slate for the transformation of a section of the wall into a kind of school board is not difficult. As a basis, it is good to use acrylic paint - you can take any suitable color. Next, you need to add cement or any other cement-based mortar mixture( 2 tbsp to a glass of paint), and the paint with the slate effect, prepared by yourself, is ready for use.

It is necessary to mix thoroughly, to paint - and the chalk no longer slides on a smooth wall, and thanks to a slight roughness of the surface, leaves traces. To give it magnetic properties, a dry magnetic primer is added( it can be replaced with a part of the cement base added to the paint), and two primer layers can be applied before painting. The use of the second option is better, because a separate primer will improve the subsequent adhesion.

Hand-crafted paint has several advantages:

  1. You can choose any color you like.
  2. Paint made by own hands, will cost much cheaper.
  3. You can make the amount necessary for coloring.
  4. Several color variants of magnetic-slate staining can be used in the interior. It is better for this purpose to use dark tones - on light chalk it will be badly visible.

Thanks to their use, you can give any hard surface properties of the school board.

Rules of Operation

Painting of walls, decorative boards or other objects with such compositions is carried out taking into account their rapid hardening.

  1. First prepare the surface. The wall is cleaned of old wallpaper, paint, dirt. All roughnesses are brushed with a metal brush and sandpaper. Potholes and cracks are leveled using putty.
  2. It is advisable to rinse the area of ​​the wall under painting. Small items can be cleaned and washed under the tap.
  3. Priming primer is applied.
  4. Only after drying the primer can you open a jar with finished slate paint or make a mixture yourself.
  5. All work with magnetic slate should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, and small items should be painted outdoors in warm, windless weather.
  6. Before use, the mixture is thoroughly mixed and evenly distributed in the prepared area. During staining, stirring should be periodically repeated, in order to distribute the finely dispersed powder in the paint uniformly.
  7. Wait for drying( duration depends on the substrate, but usually it is about 2 hours) and apply a second coat.
  8. After 24 hours, grate the carbonate-calcium chalk into the finished board( using another type of chalk may lead to scratches), remove excess surplus with a soft cloth.
  9. It is advisable to use the board only 72 hours after staining.
  10. Clean the chalk from the surface at first with a soft, damp cloth. Use household chemicals for cleaning is allowed only after a month.

Using surfaces with the effect of the school board in the interior will make it stylish and modern. It is not necessary to paint walls - you can paint several boards with your own hands and change their arrangement on the walls depending on the desire and mood, or make a portable writing board( it can be made from an old tray, giving things a second life).

There are a lot of options for interior design, it's enough just to fantasize a little, to realize your creative ideas in life, and then to surprise the guests with unusual design of rooms.

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