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The better the OSB color?

OSB - a popular material in the field of frame construction. It is inexpensive, holds fasteners well and has a light weight, is resistant to short-term exposure to moisture( rain, dew, fog).However, he also has shortcomings. OSB practically does not differ from ordinary wood, which is characterized by the processes of decay and infection with fungi. Therefore, the surface of the OSB must be treated with bioprotective agents.

  • There is a solution - a specialized paint Soppka
  • Features of application
  • Why do I need biosecurity and fire protection?
  • Finishing of the facade in the style of Fachwerk
  • Price of paint for OSB
  • Where to buy?

OSB stands for oriented chipboard. What does it mean? Wood shavings, included in the composition, have different orientations in the slab. Production of OSB involves the gluing of several layers of chips with resin and other substances. A different orientation of the chips forms irregularities in the material. The resulting surface is difficult to handle because of the fact that the constituent adhesives repel any paint or protective agents.

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This problem is familiar to anyone who decided to paint the OSB plate with ordinary paint. In a year it is necessary to paint a surface anew. The usual paint does not protect the plate from rotting and the effects of fungi. Often mold "eats" OSB in just a couple of years. Fungus, spread under a layer of paint, is able to destroy the material and bring a lot of problems to the owner. It's just money thrown to the wind.

Antiseptics for wood are not suitable for application to the OSB plate, as they are not absorbed, but are weathering from the surface. Choosing this option, you will not get an effective result and spend a lot of money!

How can I paint an OSB plate? Is there a special paint for this material?

There is a solution - a specialized paint Soppka

The unique Soppka paint, designed to cover OSB oriented particle board. It not only easily lays on a complex surface, but also has unique advantages:

  1. Protects the surface from the influence of mold and fungi.
  2. Has a guaranteed service life of 5 years.
  3. Provides an attractive appearance, similar to plaster, the paint can be toned in a suitable color.
  4. Provides protection against fire. When exposed to fire, the material foams and does not spread fire.
  5. Universal in use - can be painted outside and inside the house.
  6. Eco-friendly composition - water-based paint does not harm during painting, and also during operation.

Features of application

Paint Soppka is used for painting OSB boards, SIP panels, plywood and other lumber. Has a high degree of protection, applied by a normal brush or roller.

The optimum effect is achieved with a coating of 3 layers. The consumption of the material is 350 grams per square meter. To ensure 100% protection against biological effects, paint should be covered with a new material that has not been affected by microorganisms, moisture, precipitation. It is possible to use paint as a temporary solution.

If you are thinking about finishing the finished house or collecting money for siding, imitation of the beam and other expensive options to "conserve" the facade, use an inexpensive but effective solution - Soppka paint.

Why do I need biosecurity and fire protection?

Everyone is used to thinking of the OSB plate as a material that does not require any additional processing. However, when burning, it releases harmful substances and can cause suffocation, smoke. Paint Soppka when exposed to fire forms a special intumescent layer, thereby significantly slowing down the burning.

Biosecurity is caused by fungicidal additives that make up its composition. If the house is built for a family where there are children, it is necessary to take care of OSB processing. If you save and do not process wood, you can in time encounter rotting, unpleasant odor, the appearance of mold. As a consequence, allergic reactions in the residents of the house can develop, there will be "weak spots" in the walls, ceiling or on the floor.

Facade decoration in Fachwerk style

Beams inclined at different angles form a frame, and the space between them is filled with wood or brickwork. This style of the facade is typical for European countries. He came to us from Germany. Fans of exclusive solutions can take advantage of the idea and implement an interesting project. For the facade, you will need the usual OSB plates, a heater and an imitation of a half-timbered frame - boards.

This style is a compulsory measure, since the joints of OSB plates are treated with sealant and it can be visible even through the paint. To hide unpleasant joints, use boards or bars. Board, imitating a half-timbered frame, should be painted in a contrast( darker) color.

Price of paint for OSB

Paint is available in several versions:

  • 1 kg - 405 rubles( 121 rubles per square meter);
  • 5 kg - 1840 rubles( 111 rubles per square meter);
  • 10 kg - 3470 rubles( 105 rubles per square meter).

Compared with plastering or siding, cash savings are obvious. This option of finishing can afford any home master who builds everything with their own hands.

Where to buy?

To increase the life of the OSB, to provide fire and biosecurity, to reduce the cost of facade works and to speed up the completion of construction, we recommend to buy Soppka paint. Choosing the material in large containers, you save your money considerably.

You can order the goods on the manufacturer's website http: //soppka.ru/ otdelkaosb

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